Monday, April 23, 2007

Tila Tequila - Restrictions on MySpace disappointed users

"The reason why I am a little dissatisfied with MySpace is that recently they cut us freedom of action, and gradually take our rights", wrote Tila Tequila, the most popular singer on the site, whose blog is the most by this at the weekend. "Now MySpace allow use only on the MySpace PO". Ms. Tequila, born under the name of Tila Nguyen, has attracted attention because its 1.7 million page visits her friends. Recently, it added a new music player to personal visit for promoting his first album, as well as online. It called on Hoooka and a young Indie911 company, located in Los Angeles. They monitored her songs and watched clips from more than 20000 times over the weekend. But Hoooka was removed on Sunday after MySpace founder Tom Anderson personally contacted Tekiloy about this issue. And then she izlila their soul blog.
The MySpace said that the party would block the companies, the so-called widgets, because they violate the standard terms of the agreements and the rules established for MySpace, such as a ban on the distribution of pornography or pirated material. Also to be banned widgets to yuzeram sell things or to advertise them without authorization on the site with or without direct cooperation with their company. She MySpace yesterday said that the service does not udalyal with personalized Tekily. "The MySpace contacted her and said that it had violated the terms resource and has been a business," she said. "Tequila is removed material from its pages after realizing that he was not suited for MySpace".
Miss Tequila and its representatives refused to comment on this.

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